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Quick Tips: How to Embellish Wreaths

“Nordic Christmas” features a textural mix of with subtitle gray and cream decorator tones. The snow frosted pine and velvety lambs ear give a softness in contrast to the blueberry juniper and seeded eucalyptus. To make this wreath, the wired stems of the permanent...

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The Importance of Correct Stem Insertions

By Sandy Schroeck AIFD, PFCI, CFD What is one of the things you can do to increase customer satisfaction with your designs? Today we are going to talk about the depth of your stem insertions in your foamed compositions. It’s one of my most significant challenges in...

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Another Way to Add Birch to Evergreen Planters

  Georgia show up some tricks to add birch poles into evergreen planters in a different, but easy way!  Watch the tutorials for inspiration and some tips and tricks.   https://youtu.be/PWDKK8EJ2z8 https://youtu.be/XgD3pUUmn9A  

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Creating a Rustic Spruce Top Planter

Georgia gives us some tips on creating spruce top planters! I always make sure my soil is loose and thawed. Make sure the container is filled to the top with soil to help support the stems that are going into the pot.  For this look I put the birch poles straight up...

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A Fall Wreath How-to

We are having our wreath class tomorrow. For those of you that weren’t able to attend, here is a great tutorial of a fall wreath you can create at your stores! The faux stem cutter Sandy uses is AMAZING!

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