In the Greenhouse

Take a look inside our facilities.

Embracing a growing trend….Plants

Awareness of the surge in decorative plant sales to enhance your home décor is the largest expanding market in the floral industry.   Plants are being embraced as one of the newest wellness trends to purify air and lower stress. Our consumers are craving texture. We...

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Plant Trend Continues to Rise

A fun-to-read article on the craze over houseplants.  Have you been able to capitalize on this trend?  

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Spring is in the Air in the Tulip House

Tulip season is definitely everyone’s favorite around here.  There is something magical about the tulip house.  With the sun shining through the greenhouse roof and the calming sounds of the fans, the greenhouse gives a sense of calm and a promise of spring. Our bulbs...

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My Dream of a Green Thumb

So I can sell houseplants like the best of them.  I mean, I’ve been in this business for a really long time and have had A LOT of houseplants pass me by.  Now, wouldn’t you think that by sheer osmosis that I would have a really green thumb at home?  The answer to that...

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