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How Len Busch Roses Grow Poinsettias

How Len Busch Roses Grow Poinsettias

It’s the holiday season at Len Busch Roses! What better way to welcome back the holidays than to welcome you to check out our poinsettias! Growing this iconic plant is a detailed, 26-week-long process that is revisited every year to ensure a beautiful and reliable...

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Spring is in the Air in the Tulip House

Tulip season is definitely everyone’s favorite around here.  There is something magical about the tulip house.  With the sun shining through the greenhouse roof and the calming sounds of the fans, the greenhouse gives a sense of calm and a promise of spring. Our bulbs...

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LBR Locally Grown Tulip Processing

How many tulips do you think we grow right here in Minnesota each year? Find out as you see how locally grown tulips are grown and processed right here in Plymouth, Minnesota! Our lead designer, Georgia Edgington, and Production Supervisor, Marcos Ortega, walk you through this incredible process. Enjoy tulip season!

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LBR Educational Resources

Below you’ll find helpful resources to unleash your creativity and better your business.

How to Better Your Flower Business

Strategies on how to run your shop better, grow your profit, and everything in-between.

Flower Design How-To’s & Techniques

Learn how to design flowers at three different levels: Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced.

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