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Floral Design How-To's

Learn how to design at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level.

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Learn the basics of how to design your flower shop. Get started with shop foundations, shop must-haves, and employee how-tos.


Learn how to establish what next steps to take for your flower shop, the everyday must-haves, and how to get past the basics.


Learn how to establish a unique brand that’s far from what’s familiar and ordinary. Also, create spectacular events for exposure boost.

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Floral Design 101 Vase Design | Floral Design Basics

Learn basic techniques to create a simple floral design in a vase using the stem grid system. This is a great video for basic training of employees in floral design.

LBR Educational Resources

Below you’ll find helpful resources to unleash your creativity and better your business.

How to Better Your Flower Business

Strategies on how to run your shop better, grow your profit, and everything in-between.

Care and Handling Your Products

Here are helpful tips and tricks for higher-quality flowers and plants that can last longer.

Make Your Business Bloom All Year Round.

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