Wood Haulers: All You Need To Know

We are currently OPEN for dumping.

Len Busch Roses puts high regard on its Wood Haul partners with special terms, rates, and quality assurance. Here’s everything you need to know and more.

LBR Woodhaulers

Terms and Conditions

Wood Dumping Rates

Approved Materials

Wood Dumping Rates

See our most updated rates. Subject to change without prior notice.

Wood Chips


Small Log/Brush Truck/Trailer


Clam Truck


Rules on Log Dimensions

As part of our guidelines, oversized logs are strictly prohibited. Follow the instructions below:

1. One side of the log must be 29” or less

log dimensions

2. If oversized (over 29″), it must be cut down to 29″ or less

log dimensions

Types of Wood Materials Accepted by LBR

Driven by our desire to provide quality products, we ensure the utmost quality of wood materials as well. Refer to the list below for the types of materials we accept.

We only accept:

Clean-cut logs

✔ Clean-cut brush

Wood chips


We do not accept:

Stump grindings


Yard cleanup

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