Register Now As LBR Wood Hauler.

We’ve devised these simple steps to make the registration as easy as possible for all interested wood haulers.
The entire registration process can take up to two (2) business days.


Email LBR.

Email  requesting windshield tag(s).  Please provide the number of vehicles or trailers that will need access.


One tag per vehicle/trailer is required.

Each tag cost $15. These tags are non-transferable as they will be affixed to the vehicle windshield.


Get Feedback.

LBR will email you the identification number(s) for each tag. This will be needed in the next steps so make sure you have them ready.


You may get feedback as early as one (1) business day.


Enlist Vehicle.

Fill out all the relevant information on this link.

To ensure smooth flow, check this first: Registration Guide.


You will need to place a credit card on file with this company to provide payment to LBR. There will be a temporary $.10 charge placed on the card for verification purposes. This will be promptly refunded.


Install Tags

Email woodyard@lenbuschroses.com again requesting to set up a time to have an LBR associate install the windshield tag(s).


Please make sure you have completed all the prior steps accordingly before requesting installation.

*This new process completely replaces the current solution. Once you are registered and have the windshield tag installed, you simply need to approach the new gate. It will automatically recognize your company. Open the gate and bill the credit card on file that you entered during the registration process.

Got more questions? We’re more than happy to assist you! Contact us today.