Awareness of the surge in decorative plant sales to enhance your home décor is the largest expanding market in the floral industry.


Plants are being embraced as one of the newest wellness trends to purify air and lower stress. Our consumers are craving texture. We live in worlds with smooth phones, sleek counter tops and appliances,but by adding living plants into that decor enhances their spaces. Customers are also aware of the health and wellness benefits that plants in your home environments can provide.  A NASA study revealed plants can absorb toxins such as Formaldehyde, Nitrogen, Oxides, Benzine, Xylene and filter them through their root system and utilize it as nutrients. Many of these plants release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide making them natural air fresheners in your living spaces.  Even more importantly, studies have shown plants can knock out stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system, and can also make people feel happier.

As the younger generation is delaying personal commitments, getting married later in life, or not ready for children or pets, plants are fitting into their lifestyle and awareness of sustainability and adding green items into their home décor. Beautiful pottery in the fabulous decorative finishes are the perfect vessels to add the decorative element of plants into their homes.  Unique varieties and easy-care statement plants such as Sansevieria can create a modern architectural look.  This plant thrives on lack of care, low light and low water makes it the perfect plant for beginners to be successful with.

Social media groups of plant parents have formed around the growing movement, green is not just a color anymore, it is a cultivated lifestyle that will continue to flourish.