So I can sell houseplants like the best of them.  I mean, I’ve been in this business for a really long time and have had A LOT of houseplants pass me by.  Now, wouldn’t you think that by sheer osmosis that I would have a really green thumb at home?  The answer to that is NOPE.

Now I’ve convinced myself that the reason my houseplant’s lifespan is short is that I’ve been so busy selling them, that I have no time to take care of my own.  This is when I decided to make it my goal to change all of that.

We recently bought a new house that has a perfect “plant windowsill”.  I figured that this was my best chance to give this green thumb thing a try.  I brought home three victims…I mean new plants.  I was a little courageous and took home an Austral Gem Fern.  This little gal is hardier than other ferns and I just loved its look.  I also wanted to try a staghorn fern because they are just so darn cute.  The dischidia watermelon came onto my sill a little later, but I just love him.  And lastly, I have a few succulents to add a bit more green (and let’s be honest, I figured for sure I couldn’t kill those).

So far, I would consider my thumb a little bit of a paler shade of green, but these cuties have all been very happy in their new home.  They love the bit of humidity they get from my daily dish washing duties and my willingness to ignore them for days has probably benefited them the most.  My advice to those of you that haven’t spent much time getting to know the plants you may be selling, is to take a few home.  The best way to be an expert is to have have had personal experience to back it up.  Your clients will appreciate the extra time you can give them to help choose the right houseplants for their environment.

until next time..  cheers!