Get Active With Social Media!

Because Facebook is so visual, it makes for the perfect place to show off your beautiful creations! Let your customers “see” what you have in your shop.

Add images and/or videos of new products – stems, plants and vases – new arrangements.

Unboxing what you just received will intrigue your audience. Let them see what is “just in!” or  “New!” so they feel like they are right there with you as you unveil your new products and special flowers.

Showing photos of a step by step arrangement or “ingredients” is fun for your customer to get some behind the scenes look at what you do. Everyone likes to be in on special secrets!

Go live with promotions or new arrivals; use your phone to stay connected to your customers.

If you don’t feel comfortable to be in front of the camera, just commentate from the back side giving tours and selling like you would if a customer came into your store.

Try live plant sales. Do shop tours with featured products. Have you tried Facebook Live? Click on link for a quick video tutorial for beginners. It’s easier than you think!

Short videos of your work make great content to share on Facebook, and can also be added to your YouTube channel.

You can also get clients to share images of your arrangements, giving you a testimonial for their Facebook audience.  It’s great to have other customers hear from one of your customers brag on the beautiful work that you do.

Every person who reacts to your post shows it on their News Feed, giving you more exposure.  Also, everyone who reacts to your page can be put into an engagement audience so you can re-target them later with more specific ads.

Remember to tag friends, use # hashtags that customer can promote and become a trend in your community.

And most of all, have fun doing this!

#SpreadSmilesGiveFlowers #LBRInspires


Here are some “ready-to-use Administrative Professionals graphics” for your social media pages!

1. Click on the ad you want. (You may need to use the “right click” on your mouse.)
2. Select “Save Image As” and save to your desktop or in another file on your computer.








Florist Marketing Tip

Develop Local Partnerships

Do you know the local restaurant in your area?  Remember those places that were full every day? Check if they have delivery and/or curbside pick-up. If they do, it’s a great start to developing a local business partnership.

You have a great reputation so people are comfortable referring you.

Network and meet other business owners.

To get the ball rolling, offer to share their business cards or promotional flyers with your customer delivery orders. People will like that local businesses are helping each other out. By getting some of your customers to help another local business, they’ll be inclined to return the favor.

If you don’t cultivate these relationships, your competition will.


Take the first step and ask a local restaurant if they would give a flower with each food order. Simply give them a bucket of flowers and tag every stem with a business card, or a note that has your contact information, #SpreadSmileswithFlowers and let them know you are open for delivery and curbside pick-up.

How delighted would you be to get a flower with a food order? This is a relatively inexpensive way to spread smiles and create awareness for your business.

When you create business partnerships, you and another business introduce your products/services to new customers.

How many new businesses will you target today?

Until next time…


Embracing a growing trend….Plants

Awareness of the surge in decorative plant sales to enhance your home décor is the largest expanding market in the floral industry.


Plants are being embraced as one of the newest wellness trends to purify air and lower stress. Our consumers are craving texture. We live in worlds with smooth phones, sleek counter tops and appliances,but by adding living plants into that decor enhances their spaces. Customers are also aware of the health and wellness benefits that plants in your home environments can provide.  A NASA study revealed plants can absorb toxins such as Formaldehyde, Nitrogen, Oxides, Benzine, Xylene and filter them through their root system and utilize it as nutrients. Many of these plants release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide making them natural air fresheners in your living spaces.  Even more importantly, studies have shown plants can knock out stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system, and can also make people feel happier.

As the younger generation is delaying personal commitments, getting married later in life, or not ready for children or pets, plants are fitting into their lifestyle and awareness of sustainability and adding green items into their home décor. Beautiful pottery in the fabulous decorative finishes are the perfect vessels to add the decorative element of plants into their homes.  Unique varieties and easy-care statement plants such as Sansevieria can create a modern architectural look.  This plant thrives on lack of care, low light and low water makes it the perfect plant for beginners to be successful with.

Social media groups of plant parents have formed around the growing movement, green is not just a color anymore, it is a cultivated lifestyle that will continue to flourish.

Spring is in the Air in the Tulip House

Tulip season is definitely everyone’s favorite around here.  There is something magical about the tulip house.  With the sun shining through the greenhouse roof and the calming sounds of the fans, the greenhouse gives a sense of calm and a promise of spring.

Our bulbs come in a container from Holland. We get 9 full containers in a season (9 truckloads); that’s 4.9 million bulbs! Gasp!

We “plant” them in their hydroponic trays shortly after they arrive. They “root” and Stretch in the cooler for 2-3 weeks before going to the greenhouse.   While they are in the cooler, we refresh the water in the trays to keep it clean and help keep the roots healthy.  They load the pallets into the yellow pallet tipper to drain the water out and put new water into the trays.  Once in the greenhouse they are in there for 2-3 weeks before harvest. We refresh their water daily and keep them covered with black shade for a few days to help stretch them out to meet our spec length.   As we get closer to spring (warmer weather), the time in the greenhouse gets shorter.

After the tulips have been harvested, they are brought to our new tulip machine!  Stay tuned for part II of this post to learn about this amazing invention!

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Cape Primroses, also known as Streptocarpus or Streps

We are growing a batch of a new plant here at Len Busch and they decided to show their pretty faces a few weeks early!

They are Streptocarpus, also knows as Cape Primroses.  We consider this a trial plant, but we have some available now at the end of November.  To be honest, I didn’t know a THING about these plants.  I had to do “the google” to look them up!  It seems they have quite the following and aren’t always easy to find.

I had to go see them for myself and was impressed by their beauty!  From what I learned, their velvety, long green leaves and floral sprays that rise above the foliage create a stunning plant for a windowsill garden. Streps are known for their ability to bloom in low light.  It seems they thrive in Eastern or Northern windows.  It’s said that growing Streptocarpus plants is good training for African violets because their requirements are similar, but cape primrose aren’t as delicate.  A fun plant to give as as gift for the holidays!

this gardener has some great tips on care!

Read more at Gardening Know How: Streptocarpus Information: How To Care For Streptocarpus Houseplants